Software Development Services

DGMI can create elegant, functional software for any platform, giving your business the high-quality products it needs to engage its consumers.  We specialize in app development and software testing, and all of our services feature a results-driven approach.


Our development team then creates a specific plan to implement those features as effectively as possible.  We strongly emphasize efficiency in our software, which allows for lean applications that use minimal resources while still providing complete functionality

Mobile Applications

The popularity of mobile apps has continued to rise, as their usage has become increasingly prevalent across mobile phone users.


DGMI specializes in web and mobile development, two of the fastest-growing segments of the product development industry.  An intuitive Smartphone app or a lean, well-designed web application can give your business a powerful edge, and DGMI helps you take the right first steps into the realm of mobile development.


Desktop Applications​

Smarter software can make your business more efficient, drastically reducing your costs over time.  


It can provide a better way to interact with your target audience, a more intuitive means of working with data, or a considerable advantage over other businesses in your field.


DGMI is ready to provide smarter software for your business.  Contact us today to set up a consultation or for more information.

Web Applications

Web applications are made of html, stylesheets, javascript and server components.


They are deployed on a server and can be scaled up by adding more servers on-demand.


Many web standards exist and must be respected to achieve compatibility across the different platforms and web browsers.