Project Managment


DGMI starts every project with a detailed discovery phase before progressing to the development stage. 


Every part of our process is optimized to deliver a satisfactory finished project.  DGMI has built its reputation as a software development firm by treating each project as a unique challenge, and we start every case with a detailed discovery phase.  We identify goals and feature sets that make sense for your business and review our findings with your team. 


We gradually add features, testing each new addition before moving on to the next.  This approach identifies and eliminates major product issues before they become deeply embedded in the code.  


We work directly with our clients to ensure the best possible finish.  Your business will be able to provide input at every stage, and DGMI can customize its process as needed.  This is particularly helpful if you need to incorporate features from an existing application into a new product.  


We balance functionality and design with every project that we handle, and your business can begin using or marketing the finished project as soon as it is completed.