DGMI provides software development and testing services for a variety of platforms. With a talented team of developers and designers, we create elegant applications with a strong emphasis on functionality. 


We believe that software development can determine the course of a business, especially in modern markets.  A successful application can give a business the edge it needs to remain competitive and to interact with its customers in exciting new ways.


However, internal software development is not always a cost-effective option.  By contracting outsourced product development services, your business can focus on marketing, promotion and other aspects of the product release, improving your return on investment considerably.  


DGMI's results-driven process allows you to choose application features and to work within an established framework to create innovative, intuitive products.  We provide reliable estimates for each phase of every project, giving your business the information it needs to plan appropriately, and our excellent communication keeps you involved every step of the way.


Some of the advantages of working with DGMI:  


  • Options for Multiple Platforms 

  • Reliable Turnaround Times and Price Quotes

  • Unique Development Process Prevents Major Bugs and Issues

  • Intuitive Applications with a Focus on Efficiency

  • Diligent Testing Ensures a Market-Ready Finish


Our development team has experience with dozens of platforms, and this experience allows for efficient results in every case.  We focus on functionality, and our quality control process is absolutely unequaled in our industry.  DGMI can help you manage your budget without sacrificing product features, and our teams are ready to start discussing your next project.