Providing a Complete Suite of Software Solutions

DGMI gives you all of the software development services that you need to build innovative, elegant applications for any type of business.  

No Matter How Big Are You

DGMI offers custom software for businesses of all sizes.  Our software solutions provide a balanced mix of function and design, and we work to incorporate the latest feature sets into every product while working closely with our clients throughout the process.


If your business needs customized software, you can see considerable benefits by working with an experienced, knowledgeable product development firm.  DGMI's developers start from a solid base, and with decades of combined experience, they are able to effectively create custom applications that meet your feature requirements while staying within your budget.

Best Quality

Your business needs software that balances functionality with design, and DGMI has extensive development capabilities for various product platforms.  Our custom solutions give your business complete control over the finished product, and our quality control procedures allow for incredible detail without significant user interface issues.